Coleman Coral Sleeping Bag Review

Coleman Coral Sleeping Bag Review
The Coleman Coral sleeping bag is sold in Europe by Coleman distributors, and is not available in the U.S. except through purchase online from one of the European dealers. It comes in three sizes: regular, slightly larger and double. The actual dimensions range from 210 to 220 cm in length and 85 to 140 cm in width. The weights range from 1.5 to 3.8 kg. Prices start at around $10 and go up to $20 for the double, which is very cheap for a sleeping bag. Coleman sleeping bags are quality products; however, some have limits to their uses.

Field Use

The Coral sleeping bag is for the purpose of camping in the outdoors. It is made to withstand temperatures down to -5 degrees Celsius. The choice of size gives the user the ability to purchase a standard-size bag or one that is slightly larger for more comfort. The double is just what it says, and is meant for two people. Outfitted with a cotton shell and poly-fiber filling, it is meant for basic camping needs and not for use in extreme conditions. For best results it should be used in a tent or with some other type of lining between it and the ground, which are the conditions it was used in for this review. The bag held up fairly well with the added barrier between it and the ground; however, the top felt slightly damp the next morning. It is a fairly warm bag for the conditions of early spring temperatures.


Pros and Cons

The poly-fiber lining in the bag gives it a warmth without the clumping issues that develop with down. The cotton lining is inside and out with a flannel border around the opening near the face. This gives the user comfort. Cotton, however, can be a disadvantage in that it tends to hold moisture. This can make the bag feel damp in the morning dew or create problems if it rains on the trip. A water-resistant bag is better, but they are normally more expensive. A lining under the bag can prevent moisture absorbing into the bottom of the bag, but there is no way to prevent moisture collecting through humidity. Also, if using the double bag, it is best if there are actually two people using it. Without two in the bag it has too much room, which can lead the user to lose heat through the opening and cause him to feel colder.

Bottom Line

The Coral is a good quality bag if used within its limits, and is best kept for moderate use and not strenuous camping. Even though this cozy bag can be used down to temperatures slightly below freezing, it is more comfortable at around 12 degrees Celsius or higher. The price range is most certainly affordable, which makes it a popular bag for families and the weekend camper who doesn't feel the need to invest a lot of money in an expensive bag. It is a recommended purchase as long as steps are taken to prevent moisture buildup during use, and it is not recommended for snowy or rainy conditions.


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