Coleman Sleeping Bags Review

Coleman Sleeping Bags Review
Coleman sleeping bags have temperature ratings from 50 to -5 degrees. There are three basic body designs available from Coleman: rectangular, mummy and hybrid. Rectangular is the most blanket-like and comfortable, but also the heaviest. Mummy bags are designed for lightweight backpacking and extreme insulation, while the hybrid tries to combine the best features of the two by including a foot compartment. Mummy bags can be as light as two pounds, while the larger rectangular bags can weigh up to 13 pounds.


Coleman is known best for recreational bags with comfortable linings, using fabrics such as flannel and canvas. Their hybrid bags are another good option, combining the features of backpacking sleeping bags with the roomier cut of more recreational bags. Coleman has its own fill, Climashield XP, that has remarkably high warmth-to-loft.



While Coleman has a number of lightweight options, no one will mistake their sleeping bags for ultralight saviors anytime soon. For one, Coleman has only a handful of down options, which are often still considered the benchmark for compressible loft. They also only have one bag, the Klickitat X40, that weighs under two pounds.

Bottom Line

Coleman offers a diverse range of bags. However, much of their strength still lies towards the recreational end of the spectrum, with comfort a priority over technical ability.


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