Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours in Ocho Rios

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours in Ocho Rios
Don't let the word "bike" in the Blue Mountain Bike Tour company's name fool you because the tour from the mountains to Ocho Rios in Jamaica includes so much more. In addition to a scenic bike ride down the mountains, you will get a narrative tour of the island by bus, a Jamaican-style brunch and a chance to swim in a pristine waterfall.

The Bus Ride

The bus trip is educational, and in addition to sharing interesting facts about the island and its history, the bus driver will make stops along the way to let you take pictures and for a restroom break. The drive includes a journey past outdoor markets and a banana plantation. The bus stops at an open-air restaurant for a Jamaican-style brunch, during which a guide will provide an orientation regarding the upcoming bike ride. You will be treated to a meal of Blue Mountain coffee, eggs, toast, Jamaican fruits, fried doughnuts called beignets, banana fritters and fruit drinks.


The Bike Ride

After lunch your driver will take you to Hardware Gap located in the Hollywell National Park, which at an elevation of 5,600 feet offers spectacular views of Kingston as well as much cooler temperatures. It is here you will be fitted with biking gear for your descent down the mountain. There are designated picture-taking stops, and the guides set a leisurely pace to allow you time to experience the stunning landscape.

The Swim

Your tour ends with a refreshing swim in a secluded waterfall. Once you are dried off, you will hop back on the bus and head back to Ocho Rios.


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