Maine Wilderness Camps for Teens

Maine Wilderness Camps for Teens
Deep, wild forests, winding waterways, rocky mountaintops and an ocean coast make Maine a popular destination for camp-bound teenagers each summer. From Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park to whale-watching tours off the state's eastern coast, youths attending summer camp in Maine can experience an exciting variety of wilderness settings.

Maine Teen Camp

Maine Teen Camp is situated on 4,500 feet of lakeshore two miles north of the Ossipee River. The camp welcomes 250 campers between the ages of 13 to 16 each session. While attending the camp, teens will have their choice of wild and scenic adventures including rock climbing, hiking, whale watching, canoeing and kayaking, white water rafting and a trip to Baxter State Park.

Campers can use small sunfish sailboats and take advantage of instruction for all skill levels. The camp also provides mountain bikes for exploring miles of surrounding rustic trails. Camp instructors teach basic riding skills and maintenance techniques.

Maine Teen Camp

481 Brownfield Road

Porter, ME 04068


Camp North Star

Camp North Star sits among 200 acres of pine forests, rock formations and a private lake. North Star serves campers between the ages of 7 to 16, offering two-, four-, six- and eight-week sessions throughout the summer.

Adventure activities at the camp include rock climbing, bouldering, a treetop ropes course, mountain biking and hiking. The camp also offers equestrian activities. Campers can ride horses along more than 100 acres of forest trails. Beginner, intermediate and advanced instruction is provided in both a classroom and outdoor setting.

Camp North Star

200 Verrill Road

Poland Spring, ME 04274


Kingsley Pines

Kingsley Pines Camp provides activities and overnight facilities for campers between the ages of 8 to 15. The camp is located on Panther Lake and has a private sand beach surrounded by an 80-acre pine forest. Choose from two- or three-week sessions during the summer.

Campers have their choice of more than 30 activities including kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, a ropes course, mountain biking, rock climbing, survival training, ocean sailing, whitewater rafting and other overnight adventures.

Kingsley pines also offers a family camp where parents can attend the camp along with their children. The camp boasts a relaxed atmosphere with time for both fun activities and bonding with your family.

Kingsley Pines

51 Coughlan Cove Road

Raymond, ME 04071


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