The Best Variations on Campfire S'mores

The Best Variations on Campfire S'mores
S'mores are a wonderful way to wind up a day of camping. Once dinner is done and cleaned up, the fire is going and the stars are out, it's time to sit back and enjoy this delicious camping dessert. Tradition calls for graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. But there are some tasty variations on the traditional theme.

Classic S'more

To make a classic s'mores, start with a graham cracker and place the chocolate square on top. Toast your marshmallow to your desired doneness--some like crunchy flamers, and some like them lightly toasted. Place your marshmallow on the chocolate, top with another chocolate square and graham cracker. Squish your smore together to melt the chocolate a little bit, and there you have your classic s'more

Peanut Butter S'more

Replace the milk chocolate squares with peanut butter; you can use either smooth or chunky. Spread the peanut butter on the graham cracker, toast your marshmallow, and top it with another peanut-butter-covered graham cracker. Of course, there is a saying that two great tastes, taste better together so you can also keep the chocoloate from the classic s'more and just add peanut butter!

Chocolate Lovers S'more

This is similar to the classic, but instead of using graham crackers, try chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!

Coconut Chocolate S'mores

Make this one in the same manner as the classic s'more. But, before placing your marshmallow on the chocolate, sprinkle the chocolate with shredded coconut. Aloha!

When you're talking campfire desserts and s'mores in particular you can't really go wrong. Be inspired and try different chocolates, different nut butters (sunflower seed or almond butter), and different cookies (oatmeal or snickerdoodle) to come up with your own family favorite.