What Stores Carry Salomon Winter Boots?

What Stores Carry Salomon Winter Boots?
Salomon is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor gear that includes a full line of hiking, backpacking and winter boots. Salomon winter boots are easy to locate at a variety of quality, industry-leading outdoor and footwear retailers. Salomon's winter boot line is packed with high-end boots, including the Toundra Mid WP, which earned a spot in Outside magazine's 2009 winter buyer's guide.


You don't have to stray far to find Salomon winter boots; just head over to Trails' gear shop and you'll find a number of Salomon boots. At the time of publishing, Trails.com stocked several men's and women's winter models, including the Deemax Dry WP (men's and women's) and the Men's Switch.


Recognized as the 2010 Online Retailer of the Year by "SNEWS" and "Backcountry Magazine" for its interactive, peer-to-peer community, Backcountry.com stocks Salomon products. As of March 2010, the retailer had several winter boots, including the Chill Out WP, Blog and Switch. Backcountry's award reflects an active Web community that allows customers and site users to offer product reviews, answer questions and provide full gear lists of the gear that they use out in the wilderness. Backcountry is also known for its unlimited return policy and unlimited lifetime warranty. As stated on the company's return policy page: "If at any time -- now, next month, in 30 years -- you're not 100 percent satisfied, send your gear back for a full refund. No questions asked."


This large, well-known online shoe retailer stocks a full selection of Salomon footwear. The retailer had Salomon B52 Dry WP, Snowtrip TS WP, Blog and Switch models in stock as of March 2010. The retailer offers free shipping on all domestic orders and has a satisfaction-guaranteed return policy.


At Salomon's website, you can gather direct-from-manufacturer product information and easily jump to retailers selling the boots. Browse the Salomon line of winter boots, get the full description and tech information for each boot and then simply hit "Buy Online" to get a quick list of retailers that sell them. When you select a retailer, you'll be sent directly to the Salomon section or product page for the specific boots.

Local Retailers

While there's nothing wrong with ordering online, it usually pays to try your footwear on before buying it. To find a shop near you, take advantage of Salomon's shop finder. For local shops, select a product category, enter your city and state or zip code and you'll get a list of local shops within a selected radius. The feature also lists Internet retailers. Click on an online retailer and you'll be directed to the Salomon section of its website. The shop finder is also available directly on the product page of specific boots.

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