List of Hiking Boots

List of Hiking Boots
There are different types of hiking boots based on your hiking or backpacking needs. There are many designs and features of hiking boots, too. Perusing the many models may be easier if you match them to the type of hiking you are planning, such as light or moderate hiking, backpacking, or extended backpacking and mountaineering.

Low-cut Shoes and Boots

Low-cut hiking shoes are typically lightweight, appropriate on easier trails for day hikes or short backpacking trips. These shoes are more comfortable than heavier boots but the low cut design can be a hindrance. That is because rocks, mud or sand can get inside when hiking on less-groomed trails. Low-cut boots provide less ankle and foot support than heavier boots, so they are not for high mileage hiking. Keen Voyageur Low, Keen Targhee ll and Merrell Reflex Gore-Tex are all excellent low-cut hiking shoes.

Mid-cut Boots

Hiking boots that are mid-cut wrap around the ankles to offer more protection against potential hazards on the trail. They have cushioning and heavier protection compared to the low-cut designs, which makes them a good choice for longer hiking trips that require moderate loads. These shoes are also appropriate for hikers who need extra ankle support. Good picks for mid-cut boots are Keen Targhee II Mid, Oboz Yellowstone Mid and Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid.

High-cut Boots

High-cut boots are very supportive footwear intended for extended backpacking trips as well as mountaineering. They provide a lot of leverage and support on rough terrains or back-country trails. Though heavy and sometimes hot, they provide plenty of ankle and foot protection. Hikers favor high-cut boots for their durability and support. Kayland Zephyr, Asolo Fugitive GTX and La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Mountaineering Boots are all top rated high-cut boots.

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