Different Kinds of Pocket Knives

Different Kinds of Pocket Knives
The pocketknife is one of those essential tools for nearly any outdoor activity. From camping to fishing, a pocketknife will prove useful in a great variety of activities. Common tasks may include cutting rope, whittling, cleaning fish and preparing food. Commiserate with the versatile use of pocketknives is the pocketknife's variable form. There a number of different types of pocketknife, each suited to its specific purpose.

Fixed Blade

A fixed blade knife is typically long and sharp. It is kept in a holster and is useful in hunting situations. Some fishermen even carry fixed blade filleting knives. Fixed blade knives are for those who do not wish to compromise and are willing to keep a large knife strapped to them.

Jack Knives

Compact, with a single-blade, a jackknife is one of the simplest form of a pocketknife. The single blade folds out of the handle, but only has the tension of the hinge to hold it open.

Locking Knives

Lock blades are pocketknives with one or two blades that lock into place upon opening. Shutting the blade typically requires pressing a button or bending down a metal tab. Lock blades can come in many different forms depending on whether you want a serrated, sharp or blunt-nosed blade. Many locking knives also have some variety of spring-based assist that helps the knife slide open and into a locking position more easily.


Multi-tools are pocketknives with a number of other functions folded into the handle. The two most popular forms of multi-tool are the swiss-army style, with many functions folding out from the handle, or a folding tool style, with blades and other tools folding out of both ends of a foldable hand tool, such as a pair of pliers.

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