The Best Lightweight Backpacks

The Best Lightweight Backpacks
For most hikers and backpackers, performance and weight can be mutually exclusive; those who are looking for more features generally have to accept a heavier pack. Luckily for people who enjoy the outdoors, lighter materials and continuing innovations of design have allowed packs to get lighter without diminishing features. Whether you hike, adventure race, or simply want to enjoy the outdoors without spending a lot of money, there are plenty of options for people looking for lightweight backpacks.

The Racer

Adventure racers and ultra marathoners have to fill their packs with nutrition and hydration without adding on excess weight to slow them down; and Nathan Human Propulsion Labs has designed a hydration pack to suit their needs. Nathan's Synergy racing pack is an adventure vest weighing just over 1 pound (19.3 ounces), and features a dual-bladder system that carries water separate from electrolytes, with a potency dial that allows wearers to control the water/electrolyte ratio. Zippered mesh pockets on the sides and back of the Synergy allow racers to carry additional sport gels as well as store jackets, gloves and other necessities while they on the run.

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The Innovator

One of the lightest internal-frame backpacks available, Osprey's Exos 34 backpack is a great example of lightweight utility. At just under 2 pounds, the Exos 34 provides comfort when bearing a load. The Exos 34 uses an aluminum-framed Airspeed Suspension System and copious amounts of mesh ventilation to keep wearers comfortable, and the die-cut foam straps stretch and move with you
instead of restricting movement.

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The Bargain

Many hikers want to be able to gear up for a minimal investment, and High Sierra Sporting Company's Summit 45L pack allows them to use a premium pack at a discount price. The Summit 45L features an aluminum internal frame, sleeping bag compartment, hydration bladder compatibility, and 2.750 cubic inches of space in a pack that weighs less than 5 pounds.

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Article Written By Billy Brown

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