How to Become a Mountain Climbing Guide

How to Become a Mountain Climbing Guide
Many people dream of climbing Mount Everest, and the few who do it pay out large sums of money to mountain climbing guides to help them achieve this goal. Mountain climbing guides routinely take on clients who wish to fulfill their desire to scale mountains, be it Mount Everest or a more modest summit. Becoming a mountain climbing guide requires a serious amount of training and experience.


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Step 1
Climb regularly. Go mountain climbing and skiing as often as you can on many different ranges. The more experience you can garner, the easier it is to take the necessary guide exams.
Step 2
Take a mountaineering course. Some guide services such as Alpine Ascents International lead classes, or take courses the American Mountain Guides Association offers.
Step 3
Receive certification from the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations by enrolling in courses and passing the necessary exams.
Step 4
Seek employment with guide services, or become an individual mountain climbing guide. Some may not like the more restricted atmosphere working for a guide service, or the lower pay. It is up to the individual.
Step 5
Read books on teaching. Develop some routines and exercises that you are comfortable with. You'll need them to work with your clients and to evaluate their skills.
Step 6
Prepare to spend time with people from many different walks of life. Be patient, supportive and make the client feel a part of the mountain climbing expedition, not simply a person on the end of a rope.

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