Bungee Slingers for Snowboarding

Bungee Slingers for Snowboarding

What To Look For

Purchase a bungee based upon the space that you have and the speed you want. Shorter, 10-foot bungees will serve well for small spaces like backyards, while 20-foot bungees are better for large spaces and higher speeds. The 10-foot bungee weighs far less and will be easier to transport. Twenty-foot bungees work for water use, as well as snow, whereas shorter bungees don't. Check the manufacturer's specifications in terms of pull distance, maximum speed and weight. Look for a heavy, braided rubber cord and good grip. The slinger should also come with a rope for anchoring.

Common Pitfalls

Before buying a bungee slinger, be sure that it's right for your needs. Bungee slingers are designed to allow park-style riding on flat terrain where you don't have another way of getting momentum. They cost more than a hundred dollars, so aren't something to invest in if you have hills, ski resorts and other options for riding nearby; one bungee slinger equates to at least a couple lift tickets. Bungee slingers aren't for solo practice and are designed for use by multiple people. You'll need a friend or two to pull it to you while you're strapped into the board.

Where To Buy

Bungee slingers are a very niche product. You may find slingers from manufacturers like Banshee Bungee at a local snowboard or skate shop, but you'll probably have better luck online. Banshee sells slingers directly and you can find them on retailers like SaltyPeaks.com and Amazon.


Bungee slingers run between $150 and $300. Cost varies according to size.

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