Comparison of Ski Jackets

Comparison of Ski Jackets
There are three main layers in a skiers outfit: base layer, insulation layer and outer shell. As the covering, the ski jacket's job is to keep its wearer warm and dry. A good jacket fulfills these needs in the most comfortable way.

Waterproof and Windproof

Waterproof material is a main concern for many ski jackets. More protective than a water resistant label, the fabric, zippers and seams are constructed to prevent water from penetrating this layer. According to the ABC of Skiing website, a jacket that is waterproof is also windproof.


Many ski jackets can be breathable, even if they are also waterproof. When a ski jacket is not breathable the excess moisture perspired from your body builds up inside the jacket, which can be uncomfortable.


Some jackets are only a shell, offering a dry covering as the outer layer. Other ski jackets use internal layering to add insulation to the coat. Select a jacket with the appropriate insulation for you based on the outdoor conditions and your other layers.

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