Information on Hawthorne, Nevada

Information on Hawthorne, Nevada
Hawthorne is located at the western end of Nevada, in Mineral County, and is known as "America's Patriotic Home." While it is not the biggest city with the most happening in it, it is certainly a nice place to visit. With excellent weather and a close proximity to wooded areas and parks, it hosts plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.


Hawthorne is surrounded by mountain ranges. These protect it from harsh weather and allow for a climate that features nearly 365 days of sunshine.


Walter Lake is a 22-mile lake that is a favorite spot for fishermen interested in trout and other freshwater fish.

Mountain Climbing

The mountains around Hawthorne offer many opportunities for bouldering and mountain climbing.

Boundary Peak

Boundary Peak is the highest peak in Nevada, reaching 13,141 feet. There is a 7.8-mile trail to the top that advanced hikers and wilderness campers can enjoy at their own pace.

El Capitan

For a nice place to stay or just to relax one night, head to the El Capitan Lodge and Casino. With plenty of casino games, a restaurant and a bar, this is the perfect way to end a night.

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