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Riding the River: South Fork American River :: Sacramento, CA

Hear the roar of white water and feel the bite of spray as your raft plunges through foamy rapids. Savor beautiful scenery and a day on the water on California's most popular river. How do people cope with Sacramento's hot summer weather and enjoy so

American River Parkway :: Sacramento, CA

Easy access, dependable flows, and natural surroundings attract thousands to float the American River. Since the California Gold Rush, the American River has been a focal point for navigation, commercial, and recreation activity. Now a recreational r

Down by the Riverside: American River Parkway :: Sacramento, CA

Ride a bicycle, hike the trails, and bring a picnic to enjoy at a scenic park while you experience Sacramento's American River Parkway. The lush green corridor of shady trees hugging the American River will help you forget that you are really in the

Cronan Ranch Loop Trail: South Fork American River :: Pilot Hill, CA

The South Fork American River in the Sierra foothills south of Placerville is one of California’s most popular white-water rivers. The South Fork is where gold was discovered by Europeans in 1849, so the river is also rich in Gold Rush history. Not s

Celebrating the Return of the King: The American River Salmon Festival :: Rancho Cordova, CA

Thousands of huge king salmon fight their way up the American River to return to the place of their birth to spawn and die, oblivious to the state's largest wildlife festival celebrating their return. The great rivers of the Central Valley once suppo

American River Bike Trail Ramble :: Sacramento, CA

In the midst of one of America’s major metropolitan areas lies 32 miles of parkway bike path that promises many pleasant rides to cyclists of all levels. This is the American River Bike Trail, which goes from Old Sacramento along the Sacramento River

American River :: Sacramento, CA

A wonderful 22-mile tailwater fishery flows right through the heart of California’s state capital and into the Sacramento River. And believe it or not, the lower American River gets less overall pressure than a place such as Fall River during peak se

American River :: Sacramento, CA

The American River Parkway extends 30 miles along the American River from Folsom Lake to Discovery Park, where the American joins the Sacramento River. (Less than half the parkway is included here.) It is used heavily by rafters, kayakers, fishermen,

Lower American River: Sailor Bar to Jims Bridge - Lower Sunrise / Sacramento Bar Accesses :: Sacramento, CA

Although the entire section of the Lower American River is considered Class I, the combination of cold water, swift current and brushy banks requires basic boat-handling skills for a safe and enjoyable paddle. This section of the river has only one

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail Loop: American River Parkway :: Arden Town, CA

The Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail is a popular 31mile paved bicycle and pedestrian route that begins at Beals Point in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area and follows the American River Parkway eastward to Discovery Park, at the confluence of the A

South Fork American River Trail :: Sacramento, CA

This 12-mile section of hiking trail was opened in October 2010, joining a 25-mile trail system along the South Fork of the American River. From the outset, your trail follows the track of the South Fork American River–Gerle Loop Trail in the previou

American River Bike Path :: Sacramento, CA

Arguably one of the most successful and beautifully paved bike paths in northern California, this 32-mile gem of a trail stretches from downtown Sacramento eastward to Folsom Dam (64 miles round-trip). Also known as the Jedediah Smith National Recrea

American River Trail :: Foresthill, CA

Miles of trails explore the deep, remote canyon of the North Fork of the American River, but the effort required to get there keeps the crowds away. With the help of a car shuttle, this hike descends to the American River Trail via the Mumford Bar Tr

American River Parkway Trail :: Sacramento, CA

Every city, it seems, has a trail where dog walkers can see and be seen. In Sacramento, that trail is the American River Parkway, a 23-mile (one-way) paved trail that links Sacramento with the towns of Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, and Folsom. There are

American River Parkway :: San Francisco, CA

Every city, it seems, has a trail where dog walkers can see and be seen. In Sacramento, that trail is the American River Parkway, a 23-mile (one-way) paved trail that links Sacramento with the towns of Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, and Folsom. There are

North Fork American River - Colfax to Lake Clementine :: Weimer, CA

Wild in every sense, this is a crown jewel of Sierra whitewater. Once scheduled for burial beneath Auburn Reservoir, the North Fork of the American River deserves Wild and Scenic River protection like its upstream reaches. Largely recovered from the

American River Parkway - Guy West Bridge to Goethe Park :: Sacramento, CA

When visiting Sacramento, enjoy the outdoors in style by touring around the state capitol and hiking the American River Parkway, a 23-mile-long route up the river through the city. Of course, nobody does the whole thing, but this hike includes many o

South Fork American River - Gerle Loop Trail :: Sacramento, CA

There is something magnificent about blue oaks standing on a hillside, glowing in the earlymorning sun. Seeing the same sunlight glowing golden on a pristine river also offers some magic. Magnolia Ranch is one of those wonderful places where the tree

North Fork of the American River :: Auburn, CA

The North Fork of the American River is touted for whitewater rafting and gold mining. It’s rough and scenic, with boulder banks, raging rapids, and deep-blue pools. This ruggedly secluded hike lets you get intimate with this famous fork, then it hea

North Fork American River :: Truckee, CA

The North Fork American River tumbles west through the Sierra foothills, slicing through the heart of California’s Gold Country. Despite running parallel to the busiest highway in the Sierra Nevada (Interstate 80), this stretch of river receives surp

American River Confluence to Lake Clementine :: Auburn, CA

Contrasting dynamics and a wild-river canyon take center stage on this hike. You’ll encounter raging rapids, soothing pools, a loud waterfall at a dam, and a tranquil lake. Start near the confluence of the north and middle forks of the American River

Stevens Trail: North Fork American Wild & Scenic River :: Colfax, CA

The Stevens Trail is one of the most popular Sierra foothills hikes for Sacramentans. Even though it is a path rich in history, it was virtually unknown until the late 1960s, when a Boy Scout rediscovered it. Now maintained and managed by the BLM, th

North Fork American River and Pointed Rocks :: Auburn, CA

The North Fork American River is known for gold mining and whitewater rafting. It’s rough and scenic with boulder banks, raging rapids, and deep blue pools. You’ll be treated to photogenic views down on this swiftly flowing river, with no dams or div

North Fork Middle Fork American River Trail :: Sacramento, CA

This trail offers easy access to a beautiful section of the American River. The gravels were worked by miners, and their imprint is faintly visible to this day. You will pass the campsites and debris of former miners and the current camps of present-

South Fork American River - Chili Bar to Folsom Lake :: Placerville, CA

Summer-long flows, exciting pool and drop rapids, and California’s gold discovery site attract crowds of rafters. Paddling Northern California includes this run because it is attractive, fun, rich in California history, and has a good section for ope

North Fork American River (Generation Gap) :: Foresthill, CA

The put-in for this excellent run is an arduous 3-mile downhill hike. The run is usually done in conjunction with the 2 runs downstream, Giant Gap and Chamberlain Falls. This combination eases the shuttle logistics and provides a 30-mile run. One

North Fork American River (Giant Gap) :: Casa Loma, CA

This now classic run was the scene of intensive exploration in the early seventies. At that time, it was on the edge of what was considered navigable, even with extensive portaging. Since, then, it has been run in excess of 6,000 cfs, and today pad

North Fork American River (Chamberlain Falls) :: Colfax, CA

This run has been a favorite among California kayakers for many years, and is now quite popular among rafters. It is relatively short, with good, steep drops in a granite riverbed. It makes a great continuation if one is coming out of Giant Gap or

North Fork American River (Ponderosa Way Run) :: Weimar, CA

This section of the North Fork is a good beginner run that is enjoying increased popularity with both kayakers and rafters. The scenery is a pleasant wooded canyon. The rapids are mostly big gravel bar affairs - shoot them right down the "V".

North Middle Fork American River :: Foresthill, CA

The upper section had a lot of boat-scoutable, technical drops, and some huge class V. At one point there is a river-wide 22 footer with a near impossible-looking portage. A few rapids later we came to Devil's Gate, a precarious looking affair emph

Middle Fork American River (Tunnel Run) :: Foresthill, CA

This is a marginal run that has one major redeeming feature: water in the dry summer months. When all else fails, the Tunnel Run often will have a boatable flow due tot he power release below Ralston Dam. The two major drawbacks to the run are the

South Fork American River (Lovers Leap Run) :: Strawberry, CA

This run once had the distinction of being perhaps the steepest in the state with very few portages. It was ran in a 2-day effort, from Strawberry to the 30-foot falls 0.5 mile above Eagle Rock Picnic Area. Everyone should choose carefully which ra

South Fork American River (Kyburz to Riverton) :: Kyburz, CA

This run has been a favorite of California boaters. The accessibility and good whitewater make it a natural target for river-runners. The first 4 miles are significantly steeper than the rest of the run and there are a few hazards in this stretch.

South Fork American River (Riverton to Peavine) :: Riverton, CA

This run is essentially a continuation of the lower part of the Kyburz run, though the river begins to drop into a deep canyon for the next 20 miles. Many good rapids of moderate difficulty are found on this run.

South Fork American River (Golden Gate) :: Peavine, CA

The canyon is negotiable. Any rapid can be portaged with only average difficulty, and there are no vertical-walled canyons. Nonetheless, this run is on the far end of the kayaking spectrum and should not be approached with a cavalier attitude. At hi

South Fork American River (Slab Creek) :: Placerville, CA

The whitewater on this section of the South Fork is excellent, as there are many class III and IV rapids. Depending on the flow, expect to stretch your legs while scouting a few rapids. Below the Mosquito Ridge Road bridge awaits Mother Lode Falls,

South Fork American River (Chili Bar) :: Placerville, CA

The Chili Bar run is probably the most popular whitewater run in the western United States. Due to its centralized location, reliable dam release, and good rapids, hundreds of boaters congregate here on summer weekends. Seen from the air on Memoria

South Fork American River (Coloma to Lotus) :: Coloma, CA

This is an excellent first whitewater kayaking trip. The rapids are quite straightforward yet will pose a variety of challenges for the beginning paddler. Lotus Ledge hole, which is about a mile downstream of the Hwy. 49 bridge, has put many upstar

South Fork American River (The Gorge) :: Shingle Springs, CA

The river flows through rolling foothills for about 7 miles before charging into the last gorge above Folsom Reservoir. The run has class III rapids: Fowler's Rock, Satan's Cesspool, Haystack Canyon and Hospital Bar, to name a few. Since the flood

Middle Fork American River - Greenwood Bridge to Mammoth Bar :: Auburn, CA

Reliable flows, a short shuttle, and fun fishing in a rugged gold mining canyon add to this whitewater run. Imagine being a visitor to the Middle Fork’s gold mines of the 1850s. More than 10,000 men lived and worked at Maine Bar, Kenebec Bar, and Pov

North Fork of the American River - Ponderosa Bridge to Lake Clementine :: Auburn, CA

The long shuttle and time-consuming logistics of putting this trip together are offset by the beauty and solitude the paddler will experience on this stretch of river. I have spotted mergansers, Canada geese, great blue herons, egrets and numerous s

Lower American River: Howe Avenue Access to Watt Avenue Access :: Sacramento, CA

Here's a paddle that provides you with a chance to experience nature, get some exercise or take the family on an outing without having to drive for miles. If you are a solo paddler, and anxious to "get a feel for the river" but have no way to shuttl

Pleasant Valley Lake Trail 958b :: Cougar Valley, WA

Ford the clear, cold waters of the American River, then climb the challenging route, taking in the ever-increasing views, to the top of American Ridge and a junction with the American Ridge Trail. Beneath the trees on the forest floor, vanilla leaf

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail and Discovery Park :: Sacramento, CA

This sampling of Sacramento’s premier trail begins at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers and stretches east through manicured parklands and strips of relatively untouched riparian woodlands. The American River Parkway, a linear gree

Codfish Falls :: Weimar, CA

The trail to Codfish Falls has the flavor of an alpine adventure, skimming through a secluded portion of the North Fork American River canyon to a pretty, tucked-away cascade. Summer in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is a time of unrelenting sun.

Aitkin / McGregor, Mille Lacs, and Vicinity :: Palisade, MN

Aitkin has been the scene of commerce for hundreds of years. A fur post on Cedar Lake, just west of the present city, was built by the British in the mid-1700s. The post sat on the main Ojibway route to the Mississippi River. Following the War of 181

Karlstad and Vicinity :: Karlstad, MN

With its broad, open lands bordering the Red River of the north, Minnesota’s northwest corner has always been easily traversed. This flat valley, with its rich soils, is the former lake bed of the giant Glacial Lake Agassiz, which eventually drained

Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge :: White Earth, MN

Saying “all rivers lead here” may be an exaggeration, but certainly the lands of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge rest upon a “height of land” that was important to Native Americans as well as early fur traders. From here one could reach, via water,

McNary National Wildlife Refuge :: Pasco, WA

Views of American White Pelicans and American Avocet in the summer and one of the largest congregations of migrating waterfowl in Washington in the fall and winter are two of the main draws of the McNary National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Located near t

Lower Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River :: Cleveland, AL

Challenging? Very! An excellent white water run with some very difficult and technical rapids known as Double Trouble and House Rock. Beginners should portage around these two areas or they will be at the mercy of the river. Aside from these two area

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