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In the Trails.com Waterfalls section you will find trips to falls and cascades on all kinds of rivers, creeks, and streams, some requiring an easy day trip by car and others a long hike in the wilderness. Whether you are seeking a great photographic opportunity at a famous waterfall or simply want to enjoy a quiet moment to feel the spray and mist of the tumbling water on your face, we have something for waterfall lovers of all kinds and trips for all seasons. Each waterfall trip is a complete chapter from a waterfalls guidebook and includes a detailed trail map or road map, driving directions, and a clear description of the falls, all produced by well-known outdoor guidebook publishers. All of the waterfalls are linked to USGS topographic maps from the waterfall overview page, and many also offer a host of additional features like photos, regional maps, and interesting information on the geology and history of the falls and the region. To find a great waterfall to visit, just click below on any state waterfalls section. Then browse by selecting a specific region or “Top Trail” from the list, or by simply clicking on the interactive state map.

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